Transform your business with a whole new range of sales & marketing tools

Save time, increase sales, and enhance your customer's user experience with our new easy-to-use, online-based and easy-to-integrate software.

Whatever you sell, make it simple with QuoteME

QuoteME Lite is a game-changing tool that allows your customers to build their own quotes for your products. Seamlessly embedded into your website, it effortlessly generates leads for your business, whatever your industry. In the Lite version, you can produce quick quotes for straightforward product ranges with 2-5 custom options. And with full mobile compatibility, your customers can access your products at any time, in any place.

Accelerate your lead acquisition, and set your customers on the path towards conversion.

FREE for existing Purplex clients.

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A fully integrated instant pricing, quotation & sales tool

The Pro version of QuoteME does everything the Lite version does, but better. QuoteME Pro utilises eCommerce methodologies and principles to enable your customers to add unlimited products, services, and items to a single quote request. Your customers can build quotes, get instant prices, and even buy products and services right there and then. Sidestepping the need for a full eCommerce website, your QuoteME Pro tool provides users with the full online customer experience.

The technology is here. All you have to do is sit back, and watch it drive your sales like never before.

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Track, monitor & review activity against lead generation & sales

With real-time reporting and multi-channel lead tracking, LeadME is a revolutionary Lead Management Platform that helps businesses to build. This software pulls all your inbound leads into one accessible hub, compatible with all devices. From here, you can easily delegate workload amongst your sales team, track your conversions, and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You can also add monetary value to leads, and manually insert leads into the database after events, walk-ins and more.

LeadME is designed to make the sales process as automated, streamlined, and successful as possible. It's a tool that helps you to minimise bureaucracy and maximise conversions. It's the tool that will take your business to the next level.

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Packed with powerful features to help you maximise your sales objectives

Fully responsive, mobile and device friendly

Customised to suit your brand including colours and fonts.

Capture and monitor leads from multiple sources

256-bit AES SSL Secure and GDPR compliant

Both products can be integrated with each other

Create, view and download lead reports and Audit logs

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About Purplex

About Purplex

Purplex is a team of 70+ talented specialists who are passionate and committed to delivering brilliant marketing results for clients across the UK and Europe.

Purplex is not another fuzzy marketing agency. Business growth is in our DNA; we build brands and create strategies that fuel sustainable, profitable growth. We fuse the most talented creative minds, the latest marketing strategies, and cutting-edge technology to deliver world-class results.

It requires clear objectives, a solid plan to deliver it, and the skills and resources to implement, measure, and refine. In fact, the name Purplex is an acronym, it stands for Purpose, Planning and Execution, and it is the fundamental approach we use to develop every project and campaign.

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Speak to our sales team today and find out how MyElements can help your business

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