The Future of Leads, Quotations & Online Sales

A unique and exclusive multi-step Quotation, Pricing and eCommerce platform, designed for businesses who are ready to build. Take the next step into lead generation, and enhance your online sales experience like never before.

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The Future of Leads, Quotations & Online Sales

The revolutionary marketing software

Whatever your industry, QuoteME Pro is the tool that will take your business to the next level. Seamless interaction; total versatility; fully personalised design; it's time to supercharge your online sales.

Lead Generation Tool

Multi Product Quotation Tool

Unlike traditional multi-step form systems, QuoteME Pro utilises eCommerce methodologies and principles to enable your customers to add multiple products, services, and items to a single quote request. That means you can quote and sell more products more easily than ever. It's quick, simple, and completely user-friendly. It's the ultimate upgrade to the online customer experience.


Whatever you sell, make it simple

QuoteME Pro has the power to deliver results, no matter your industry, no matter your product. It's a game-changing plug-in that can be customised to your unique website and branding. Whether you use WordPress, a page-building tool, or have a bespoke, custom-made website, QuoteME Pro can elevate your user's experience. QuoteME Pro is also fully compatible with all mobile devices, so you can drive leads and lock-in sales from anywhere in the world at any time.

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Tailored to your business

Whatever your business needs to thrive, there's a version of QuoteME Pro for you.

Lite Version

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QuoteME Lite includes:

  • Quotes for straight-forward product ranges with 2-5 custom options
  • Quick and easy lead generation
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • FREE for Purplex Customers

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Includes QuoteME Lite, plus:

  • One buildable 'basket' style quote for more complex products
  • Multiple customisation options & scales
  • Unlimited product range
  • Quotation request is submitted after successfully adding Contact/Lead information
  • From £99 p/m

Get A Price

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Includes QuoteME Pro, plus:

  • Provide customers with an instant quotation for their chosen products or services with a +/- 10% calculation.
  • The customer is presented with a +/- 10% price quotation after adding their Contact/Lead information.
  • From £199 p/m

Buy Online

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Includes QuoteME Pro, plus:

  • Allow customers to purchase a small selection of products and/or services immediately without the need for a full eCommerce website.
  • The customer completes a fully-fledged online checkout with payment services provided by PayPal, Stripe or Sage/Opayo.
  • All orders are processed like any other online shop and can be managed through the MyElements platform.
  • From £249 p/m

Quotes are received via email directly to your chosen email address.

Can be integrated into the MyElements LeadME Lead Management Platform.

Automatically updated for major core release versions.

Packed with powerful features to help you maximise your sales objectives

Fully responsive, mobile and device friendly

Customised to suit your brand including colours and fonts.

Can be integrated into any page builder or custom website

Automated triggered emails and email notifications

256-bit AES SSL Secure and GDPR compliant

Integrates with our LeadME Lead Management Platform

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