A sweeping view of multi-channel inbound sales & leads

Presenting: LeadME, a revolutionary Lead Management platform for business owners and sales managers to monitor, review, and nurture leads from multiple sources. This trailblazing software lets you take control of your sales strategy, and accelerate your business to the next level.

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A sweeping view of multi-channel inbound sales & leads

The next step in Lead Management

With multi-channel tracking, real-time reporting and a fully customisable dashboard, LeadME helps you to govern your leads stronger than ever before.

Lead Tracking

Witness your growth across multiple channels

LeadME can be integrated seamlessly with website contact forms and QuoteME. It also supports manual lead entries. This technology allows you to monitor exactly where your leads are coming from, and strategise how to perform better across each area. No more piecing together scattered information. LeadME collates your inbound leads into one accessible, interactive space. It's maximum efficiency to help you achieve maximum results.

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Lead Management

Streamlining your sales process

With all your leads gathered in one place, it's never been easier to delegate work across your sales force. You'll know exactly where your lead has come from, so you'll know exactly where to send them next. Which sales team, which showroom, which aspect of your business can best guide them towards conversion? LeadME has the features to support any stage of the customer journey:

o Assign leads to individual users, branches or groups for action.
o Update lead status from Holding, Pending, Hot, Won or Lost.
o Track conversions such as Appointment Booked, Sale, Order etc.
o Upload supporting documentation such as manual quotes, designs, specifications, photos and more.

But that's just the beginning. With this state-of-the-art tool, you can essentially automate the sales process. Your lead management will become as effortless as it is effective. And with full mobile compatibility, you can manage your leads from anywhere, at any time, with just the touch of a button.


Track your progress in real-time

Monitoring the success of your marketing campaigns just got a thousand times simpler. LeadME clearly highlights which sources are generating leads and which are underperforming. It tracks the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and clearly establishes their Return-on-Investment through real-time reporting and analytics. It collects as much data as possible, then presents it as a simple, easy-to-understand, time-stamped Audit report.

Practical. Presentable. Purposeful.

LeadME is a weapon you want in your armoury.

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Packed with powerful features to help you maximise your sales objectives

Capture and monitor leads from multiple sources

Manually add leads from events, walk-ins and more

Assign quotes or monetary values to each lead

Assign leads to different users, teams, branches or groups

Create, view and download lead reports and Audit logs

Choose from a Star or Chilli to rate the intensity of each lead

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